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Titolo: Performance indicators in Library and Information science (LIS) education: towards crossborder quality assurance in Europe
Autori: Tammaro, Anna Maria
Data: ago-2008
Tipo di documento: Conference paper
Abstract: This paper is based on results evidenced by the IFLA survey of LIS schools completed on 2005. It discusses the features, purpose, use and selection of performance indicators in the Library and Information Science (LIS) education sector with a particular focus on Europe and the Bologna process objectives of quality enhancement. The survey has considered: the assessor or accreditor of the program, the focus of quality assurance, the way to measure performance, the performance indicators. A broad model is used which identifies four points at which indicators can be recorded: inputs (the resources used); activity/process (the teaching, learning, and management/organisational opportunities and efforts that are applied to the inputs); outputs (the results in the education system, which may be seen as intermediate outcomes); outcomes (the impact, both direct and indirect). The survey has shown that there is a substantial convergence on: -a common set of standards, -a similar approach to evaluation process. It can be said also that quality assurance in LIS is more focused on resources and curriculum design than on learning outcomes and student evaluation. Further studies are needed for developing an European approach to accreditation and cross border quality assurance.
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