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Titolo: Models of Academic Cooperation in European LIS Education
Autori: Tammaro, Anna Maria
Virkus, Sirje
Data: nov-2005
Tipo di documento: Conference paper
Abstract: In the last two decades an increasing interest in academic cooperation has been evident in library and information science (LIS) education in Europe. This growing interest of internationalisation is mainly motivated by a strong desire to respond to the challenges of globalisation, to improve and strengthen the LIS curricula as well as teaching and research, and to explore ways and means by which international as well as intercontinental cooperative schemes can best be utilized. However, recently European LIS schools have started to participate more actively in joint activities enabling them to take a broader European approach to themes of mutual interest. Several cooperation models exist; for example, the European Association for Library and Information Education and Research (EUCLID) seeks to facilitate exchange of staff and students among members, to develop cooperation on research projects, to encourage support from stronger to weaker members, and to encourage mutual recognition of curricula or parts of curricula. The Nordic Research School in Library and Information Science (NORSLIS) intends to achieve synergic effects, effectiveness and efficiency in doctoral education and research of LIS by collecting the scattered scientific expertise, often in small-size research educational units, throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries. The BOBCATSSS network seeks to enhance cooperation and communication between LIS students and professionals at an international level. The authors of this paper will analyse the models of academic cooperation of LIS education in Europe in general and further examine these issues through the literature review and two case studies - the University of Parma and the Tallinn University.
InBiblioteca digitale - Materiali didattici

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